Redcliffe Stories

 \  Caspar

Seven-year-old Caspar joined Redcliffe in Kingfishers when he and his family moved to London from Paris.

“At first I was a little homesick”, Caspar tells me, “but it was the warmth of the people who welcomed me when I arrived at Redcliffe that made it easy and I soon made a few friends. Having lunch at school was the one thing I remember when I joined, as I had never done this before. Learning was really fun in Skylarks. One of my favourite topics was castles; we made shields out of paper.”

“Moving up to Bronte was exciting”, Caspar continues. “It was a whole new place and all about settling in and getting used to the building. It doesn’t seem so big now.”

“I especially like Maths, especially column fractions and times tables, and languages. We learn French and some Latin; my favourite Latin word is accelerātus. I also loved doing the Rainforest project, but my best memory is learning about life in Jamaica; it’s a place I’d really like to visit. I’m a big fan of Bob Marley now too!”

Caspar really enjoys Music and Drama at Redcliffe. “I’ve been playing the violin for three years now”, he explains, “and practise a lot at home. I began playing the piano in September but I only do this outside of school. I also go to the after school LAMDA Club – Drama is fun.”

My big adventure at Redcliffe will be going away to the countryside on a two-day residential trip. We will be building a campfire and toasting marshmallows; I can’t wait for that. We go to the beach; I can swim in the sea and there’s a pool – double fun. I know it’s going to be great!”

Caspar moves on to his new school at the end of the academic year and is very excited at prospect. “My ambition at my next school is to be Head Boy”, he tells me.

Redcliffe is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). A recognised kitemark of quality, IAPS represents 600 of the world's leading prep schools.