Redcliffe Stories

 \  Maya

“I came to Redcliffe quite scared and not knowing anyone but soon made lots of new friends” remembers Maya. “The teachers were so nice; they were very polite and helped me so much.”

Teachers at Redcliffe adapt their teaching to how each child wants to learn. I quickly learnt my alphabet and expanded my vocabulary in Kingfishers by reading.

When asked what she recalls most from Skylarks Maya tells me it was the sport. “Mr. Allan taught me gymnastics and he used to set up benches so we could learn how to balance. I found this quite easy as I also take ballet lessons outside of school. And the dancing, I really enjoyed the formation and the friendship dancing.”

“My first thoughts when moving up to Bronte was that there were lots of classrooms, but I just loved that there was a library.” Maya has many hobbies but apparently reading is one of her favourites. “My latest book is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster – it’s so exciting. I think art is one of my best subjects though if I had to choose. It’s such a good way to express yourself.”

“For me one of the best things about being at Redcliffe is that the teachers are so nice and care such a lot. If some in the class need more help, they change the way they show us and make it very easy for us all to understand.”

“There’s so much going on in the main school. I was really excited to go on a residential trip to the Frontier Centre in my first year – I had butterflies in my stomach all the way on the coach as it was my first time away from home, but we had so much fun. There were lots of activities in the countryside – I remember my friend was blindfolded and I had to guide her with instructions over logs across a muddy area. One girl fell in and had so much mud on her she blocked the showers!”

“We’ve also been to Juniper Hall for a week learning all about wildlife and animals. Last year we went on a Bushcraft adventure where we built our own tents and learnt how to make a fire. It was freezing but all was well as I slept in my warm jumper, hat and socks. This year we’re going to the Isle of Wight – I can’t wait!”

Maya is leaving at the end of next term to go to Queen’s Gate. “Redcliffe prepares you really well for the 11+ exams and I ended up with lots of choices of which school I could go to. I chose Queen’s Gate because of its amazing art department, also because it is quite a small school. I like that everyone knows and cares about each other at Redcliffe, it has a real family atmosphere and so I didn’t particularly want to move on to a large school. And lots of my friends are going!”

Redcliffe is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). A recognised kitemark of quality, IAPS represents 600 of the world's leading prep schools.