Redcliffe Stories

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“I must admit I was a bit nervous when I started in Kingfishers”, says Mia pensively, “but I met a girl in the same class as me who was very kind and after that I soon settled in. I can just remember this year and the following year in Skylarks as a warm and friendly place to be.”

“I’m now in Shakespeare, Year 5, and life in the main school is great. I’d say my favourite subject is Maths. They have a really nice teaching style here. There are so many ways to solve a maths problem; we all share how we arrive at an answer and this means we are also learning from each other as well as the teacher. I like this idea of shared learning.”

“There are so many things on offer here, but creatively I really enjoy drawing. It is all in pencil so if you make a mistake it’s not a problem to rub it out, but my teacher has also shown me ways to change the image without rubbing out. I think it’s amazing how many shades you can create with just a pencil.”

“I also love all kinds of sport, whether track and field, or playing in the netball team. I swim competitively both in school and out – I’ve been swimming since I was two and train every week. My best strokes are breast stroke and back stroke – I can do front crawl as well, but not so fast.”

Mia is being modest. Her Maths teacher, Mrs James tells me: “Mia has broken many Redcliffe school records, in fact she breaks a new one every year. She won ‘best girl’ in this year’s swimming gala because she won every race. She has also broken records at our Sports Day in both track and field events and is a real asset on the netball court!”

“If I had to pick one thing that I like most about Redcliffe”, says Mia thoughtfully, “for me it’s the small classes and the individual teaching. It is so friendly here, there’s no pressure. We always help each other, there’s never any bullying and no-one feels left out at Redcliffe.”

Redcliffe is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). A recognised kitemark of quality, IAPS represents 600 of the world's leading prep schools.