Redcliffe Stories

 \  Oliver

Oliver, now seven, tells me he felt very shy and lonely when he arrived on his first day at Redcliffe. “I joined Kingfishers with my twin sister, Eloise, but she was in a different class to me”, Oliver explained. “I didn’t know anyone, but soon met Nicolas and we became friends. As new children started at Redcliffe, I went over to them to make sure they felt welcome and they didn’t feel lonely; they all became good friends.”

“Music was one of my favourites in Kingfishers”, adds Oliver, “and I really liked singing and playing claves. In Skylarks it was a bit stricter and we learnt to concentrate in lessons – there was no whispering allowed! I read lots of books – in fact all the books in my [pre]school. I was pleased to move up to Bronte so that I could begin reading all the books in the library. I read the children’s Bible – this was a really long book; I like long books. The best are adventure stories – you’ll always find me with a book – you can escape to another world.”

“As I moved up to Bronte”, Oliver continues, “I felt quite shy again as I needed to get to know some new teachers, but they were all really nice and very helpful. They turned Maths into art and made it easy to understand; they make Maths fun here!”

“I think I’m quite good at acting”, Oliver tells me enthusiastically. “I was recently chosen to play the Wolf in the school play, Little Red Riding Hood. You have to work quite hard at being a baddie…I had to dress up in disguise pretending to be a postman, a butcher and a baker. It was a musical and there was a lot of singing, which I also enjoy.”

“We get to go on residential trips at Redcliffe and I’m looking forward to going to the woods with my friends very soon.”

Redcliffe is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). A recognised kitemark of quality, IAPS represents 600 of the world's leading prep schools.