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 \  Olivia

Olivia joined Redcliffe from an American school she had attended while living in Rome with her parents for five years.

“I spoke fluent Italian when I came”, she tells me, “but I was quite scared as I didn’t speak English particularly well. I needn’t have worried. Everyone was so friendly. It was noticeable that the school was full of very different characters, but they all got on well with each other. I have since made lots of friends at Redcliffe; it’s such a good school.”

“I can clearly remember moving up to Bronte. It was little differences like I could open my desk and put things inside – I thought WOW! And lunches – these were great; we all had to go on rotation which was completely different to Kingfishers and Skylarks where we all sat together.”

“Once I moved up to main school there were so many different things happening. I really enjoy learning languages, but not just how to speak, the culture and geography of the countries as well. It’s so interesting. As well as my academic lessons I also like sport, art, music, dancing and drama. I recently played the lead in Robin Hood and sang a solo – it was great fun!”

Olivia’s Italian came in useful recently as she was called upon to help translate for a visiting parent who was enquiring about the school. “It wasn’t easy to be honest”, says Olivia, “He spoke Italian with a Russian accent so some of it was quite hard to understand, but we managed in the end.”

Olivia has always been an independent thinker, able to tackle new challenges and situations with confidence. “Olivia was an obvious choice for our Leader of the School Parliament,” said Mrs James, her form teacher. “She has demonstrated an ability to express thoughtful opinions on a number of topics ranging from current affairs to the annual school charity. Her contributions to class discussions, as well as school parliament, are valued by the school community

“Outside of school I go horse riding and take ballet lessons, so finding a school to move on to that offered lots of variety was important for me. I passed all the entrance exams I sat for the schools I was thought looked the most suitable for me and chose Latymer Upper because it’s so big and spacious with excellent facilities. They have their own pool and the sport on offer is amazing. I’ve really loved my time at Redcliffe, it’s prepared me well, to start at my new school in September.”

Redcliffe is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). A recognised kitemark of quality, IAPS represents 600 of the world's leading prep schools.