Redcliffe Stories

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Sebastian does not recall beginning his Redcliffe journey in Robins. “I was quite little when I joined the school”, Sebastian says, “but I made a very good friend called Charles. He lives a couple of streets away from me so we see each other all the time outside of school. I have an X-Box and we always have great fun together.”

“The best part of being in Kingfishers and Skylarks was the sport”, he continues. “I like all sports and now play rugby, tennis, football and cricket. Some is outside the school, but there is always plenty of sport and PE going on at Redcliffe.”

“Moving up to Bronte meant new teachers. The thing I remember most was how big the room was. All my friends came with me so there was no problem settling in. It felt very different though as we had subject teachers for the first time. My Maths teacher was the best. I love Maths! They make it fun at Redcliffe; it’s just like problem solving puzzles. All the teachers are good here no matter what the lesson. I’ve also been on loads of trips – they’re great, I especially enjoyed the zoo visit.”

“My time at Redcliffe has been so good. My sister also came here; she’s now 17 and about to go to Edinburgh University.”

“I was absolutely delighted to get in to my first choice school, Summer Fields in Oxford. The teachers here prepare you well for the entrance exams so I was very relaxed at my interview. Summer Fields is massive and I know I will be homesick, but there is so much to do there and because I’m boarding there will be more time to do everything I enjoy after school.”

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